AWS architectures and solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud environment designed to help businesses scale their IT processes over time in a simple and technologically agnostic manner. Adding additional processing capabilities, storage space, database facilities, content delivery mechanisms; all these are straight forward with the right knowledge and experience. My Cloud Solutions have the expertise to be able to correctly set up and configure your AWS environment to maximise its performance, resilience and security. My Cloud Solutions is here to manage this so that you do not need to find, train

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and retain specialist staff in-house.

My Cloud Solutions have a team of extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced technical consultants on hand to support you whenever your business has a requirement to migrate its IT services over to an AWS solution or, once there, to scale any of its IT services, or transition services from one service technology to a new and different technology as your business processes evolve and new technologies become available that can increase your efficiency or even revolutionise your practices.

Having My Cloud Solutions on board as part of your business team means that with our understanding of your business operations, we can proactively advise when new solutions become available that could be beneficial to your operational success. When you invite us to be part of your team, this allows us both to benefit in the long term with our integrated approach leading to our mutual business success.

Your benefits for migrating to an AWS environment can include:

  • More reliable access to your IT services
  • More reliable integrity and availability of your data
  • Greater resilience of your IT services to external threats and events
  • Improved security of services and data
  • Access to comprehensive support for your services whenever required
  • Access to services and data from anywhere in the world

At My Cloud Solutions, we are experts at planning, organising and managing the migration of legacy systems and services to the AWS environment, be it the migration of a single database through to the complete migration of your businesses entire complex interrelated legacy systems located across multiple geographic regions. We can help you understand what your business requirements are through the audit of your systems and processes. We can take your requirements and provide you with the optimum solution that delivers the best operational efficiencies with the most economically advantageous benefits. We can then support you throughout the migration process and on into your operational phase.

My Cloud Solutions can provide through-life support of your AWS environment; monitoring performance, managing changes and reacting to incidents on your behalf. We take on the responsibility of your IT systems leaving you to concentrate on running your business.