Cloud security and protection

My Cloud Solutions have the capability and expertise available to enhance the security and resilience of your cloud environment through our experience of implementing protective solutions in an effective manner. Our security solution partners provide scalable and effective security solutions that are designed for the integrated global cloud platform. The solutions are in use protecting and securing website and applications for a wide variety of threats including denial of service attacks and unauthorised access attempts. It is imperative that when IT services are migrated to a cloud environmental, appropriate and effective security solutions are applied that can be scaled in step with any scaling of the IT services. Our security solution partners provide the industry-leading solutions that My Cloud Solutions are proficient at applying to our customer’s cloud environments.

Threats are constantly evolving, becoming stronger and more sophisticated. Your cloud environment will have a different attack surface area and a different set of vulnerabilities from your legacy IT systems. Therefore, it may not be appropriate to simply migrate your existing security solutions with your IT system.

We can help you understand what your cloud security requirements are through the audit of your systems and processes. We can take your security requirements and provide you with the optimum solution that delivers the most effective protection with the minimum operational impact and with the most economically advantageous benefits. We can then support you by managing the setup and configuration of your security solution throughout the migration process and on into your operational phase.

A denial of service attack typically aims to disrupt your service availability by overwhelming your cloud environment with network traffic. Our security solution partners can provide a network capacity that far exceeds the largest known attacks and which is constantly evolving to keep one step ahead of any attack capability. This protection comes with no loss of performance to your IT systems, acting as an invisible protective barrier. My Cloud Solutions have chosen this solution based upon our extensive experience to provide you with the protection that your business needs in order to stay operating in the most hostile of environments.

Attacks on cloud-hosted applications come in a variety of forms such as cross-site forgery, cross-sitescripting and SQL injection. Our security solution partners provide Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to protect your IT service applications as part of a comprehensive suite of tools, providing you with a holistic defence. The setup and configuration of security controls to maximise their performance and effectiveness is a highly skilled task. Misconfiguration can leave weaknesses that attackers can exploit. My Cloud Solutions is here to manage and maintain the setup and configuration of your security controls so that you do not need to find, train and retain specialist staff in-house.

My Cloud Solutions have a team of extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced security consultants on hand to support you whenever your business has a requirement to migrate its IT services over to a cloud environment or, once there, to scale the security in line with your IT services, or adopt new security solutions that may become available as new technologies become available that can increase your resilience or enhance your protection.

My Cloud Solutions can provide through-life support of your security and resilience; managing changes and reacting to incidents on your behalf. We take on the responsibility of your IT systems leaving you to concentrate on running your business.