Global content acceleration

For cloud-based IT systems, one of the major challenges is being able to maintain acceptable network connectivity which ensures that the latency of your business processes is as good as, if not better, compared to your legacy systems. My Cloud Solutions can assess and resolve your network congestion and network bottleneck issues using acceleration products provided by our performance solution partners. By implementing intelligent load balancing systems that sit invisibly between the users and the IT systems, performance can be maintained at required levels with minimum effort and investment. These products enhance the perceived performance and expedite content delivery for your users in a scalable and effective solution that can evolve in parallel with your business systems in a seamless manner.

Where your business needs to deliver large volumes of data at a guaranteed rate, typically important for large datasets, event-driven services, video, gaming and imagery. We enable you to be able to consistently deliver on-demand services, irrespective of the time of day or any other factors affecting network loading, which we know can be crucial to maintaining the positive reputation of your business.

Content acceleration products enable the efficient delivery of content to your users anywhere around the world without compromising your IT services as a cost-effective solution. We can help you understand what your performance requirements are through the audit of your systems and processes. We can take your performance requirements and provide you with the optimum solution that delivers the most effective delivery of services with the most economically advantageous benefits. We can then support you by managing the setup and configuration of your performance solution throughout the migration process and on into your operational phase.

As an added benefit, content acceleration products deliver additional security for your IT systems by providing the fast and reliable transmission of encrypted content, supporting the prevention of hotlinking attacks and providing anti-hijacking and anti-tampering services.

Migrating your legacy IT systems to a cloud environment enables users around the world to access a common IT solution for your business. Employing content acceleration not only enhances the performance of this global IT solution, but it also delivers security and resilience improvements.

My Cloud Solutions have a team of extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced network consultants on hand to support you whenever your business has a requirement to migrate its IT services over to a cloud environment or, once there, to improve network performance in line with the demands on your IT services.

My Cloud Solutions can provide through-life support of your network connectivity; managing changes and reacting to incidents on your behalf. We take on the responsibility of your IT systems leaving you to concentrate on running your business.